How to buy a used car?

Things to remember while buying a used car :

                                                    Although a second-hand car is a good option to consider for those with a limited budget and does not want to spend on a new car, there are a lot of things that one needs to keep in mind before purchasing a used car people like you and me would be aware of everything. Even though you are a mechanical engineer or not but still you need to be aware of everything and I’m back to update you with loophole and reality of the auto world and which car will be best for your family and safe as well.  After reading this blog try that its all my experience says and It’s interesting.


Here are the challenges we have to overcome while buying a used car : 

  • The customer should take a walkaround of the car. check whether a car is accidental or not because most of the things are ignored by the customer and then they get to know when they go for repairing of car part or they get to know when they take over a for a service. So, that’s why you check the car engine and scan bumper to bumper the customer or dealer told the condition of the car is that true or not.

  • The 2nd most important thing to remember to check that all the electric part is working properly or not. Check if a car has the inbuilt sound system is it working? Is the car speedometer, RPM meter working properly? and check fuel gauge as well?.


  • While walk-in the car check whether seats or dashboard are maintained or not. Check whether seats are properly vacuumed and the dashboard is cleaned properly.

  • Key Point to remember to check all the documents of a car, is the dealer have proper non-expire any document or not. Is the car is of that customer name or if dealer sale that car then that sale of is done under the supervision of customer? 


  • Most Important key point to remember when you drive a car then keep your music system off and hear the sound of an engine and keep yourself more active because the experienced driver can judge the car from its engine sound and cruise on a narrow road so that you can judge the steering is performing well of a car. 

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