A Beautiful Dream

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A Beautiful Dream
A Beautiful Dream

Every midnight I sit beneath the moon showering smiles,
And I wish I could hold that one hand and travel miles
I wish I could hug her soul every time we bid a Bye,
But here I stand in dilemma, unaware if I should try
Where the world weeps the tears of hatred, I smile the smile of affection,
Where She belongs to the movies and parties, Over a cup of coffee I form a connection
Where she plugs her earphones every while, I wish we could talk, We could talk some more
I could know more beautiful things, to her that I could adore
I may ask Who she is, Who she is when she is alone
Is she a rock on a mountain, or a seashore stone
I may ask her for a cup of coffee, sit in the shadows of the green
And then I, one day realized she was just a beautiful dream.

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