General Motor India Started Transition Plans .

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General Motor India Started Transition Plans:

General Motor India
General Motor India Started Transition Plans

General Motor India Started Transition Plans, General Motor India On Under Exit Process started this week.  “We have this week begun a discussion with our individual dealers about transition plan that supports them and our customers,” General Motor president and managing director Kaher Kazem said in a statement.

Kazem said that he and as well the GM INDIA its relation and partnerships values with dealers over many years, We are all working to ensure we put the customer as a heart of the everything.

GM India has committed to honoring all vehicle warranties and providing service and parts of Chevrolet owners well according to the warranty period.

GM Said:

“We are communicating our Chevrolet customers through call centre and service centre and by the help of mail and social media channels because they want to convey that If you are the Chevrolet customer don’t panic because this won’t effect on our service that we are providing we will continue further to whether selling is stop,” Kazem said.





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