A Big question mark to the 70% Indians unaware of Safety.

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That how 70% Indians unaware of Safety

Just take a short drive. Those cars you drove have you ever gone through it safety features, its collision. Indians use to carry limits in their mind like —

  1. Audio System.

  2. New Features upgrade and looks matter the most.

  3. Keyless entry.

  4. Push button start.

  5. Somehow they go for the automatic transmission.

  6. Daylight lamps ( Trending in new upcoming variants).

  7. Mileage.

Only 30% Indians keep their priority as ABS system and Airbags which plays an important role in safety.

Because if we compare the safety issues with other countries vehicles they are far better than us.

70% Indians unaware of Safety considering this India gonna start this year set to embrace new laws and policies for safety. They are upcoming with policies and norms that going to beat old safety policies. The idea they come up with it is that each and every variant will come up with airbags as well as ABS system this automatically increase the safety and decrease the chances of death of driver and passenger.

The new norms of BSVI this may also effect in the price of small diesel vehicles and it will increase the price up to ₹ 1 lakh.


  1. Volkswagen Polo in dual airbags model ——– 4 stars in AOP &3 stars in Restraints.
  2. Maruti Baleno in dual airbags model      ——–  4 stars in AOP & 3 stars in Restraints.
  3. Ford Ecosport in dual airbags model      ——–  4 stars in AOP & 3 stars in Restraints.
  4. Hyundai i20 in dual airbags model          ——— 4 stars in AOP & 3 stars in Restraints.
  5. Toyota Etios Liva in dual airbags model ——– 4 stars in AOP & 2 stars in Restraints.

Better You choose wisely the cars don’t consider the price, priority to be set as the car which is safer.

Just think about it whether you will go for Mileage ??? , Cost?? or Safety??? choose wisely. 

“When you gamble with safety, you bet your life.”