Jaguar XE Have To Face 8 German automobiles companies

Jaguar XE have to fight with German companies in sales in U.S., XE have to win against the successful BMW 3-series. Where as Cadillac is also trying to enter in this sector with ATS, while Volvo S60  and Lexus IS.


Jaguar XE is a small luxury sports sedan. Jaguar is bringing world in knowledge that how  XE is too light as its body parts and components are made up of aluminium. The another thing that make the XE win its connectivity, Jaguar describe it is a moving Wi-Fi machine.  The 349 hp supercharged V6 gasoline powered version which boost XE from rest to 97 km/h in 4.9 seconds. XE is inspired from F-type sports car. XE include top class interior with red and black leather seats on this model. XE  looks very similar to its slightly bigger XF siblings.  Jaguar is on the Right path in U.S. sales and good in progress but its as less comparative than U.S. luxury segments.


  1. BMW
  3. LEXUS
  4. FORD
  5. ACURA
  7. AUDI
  8. BUICK

XE is a relatively a minor player compared with big three German, but it is interesting to establish players for those who want something different.

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