Maruti Suzuki “IGNIS” – Review

Maruti Suzuki IGNIS

Maruti Suzuki IGNIS a new hatchback in the automobile market with all new features and new model in Suzuki family named as “big tall boy”. Maltese target audience for this car who is around 25 and 35 years of age someone who urban and cool.


Design might be a loved or hated according to customer choice but there is no denying the fact once you step inside the cabin this cabin really is a very cool funky place.

Cabin is bold and loved thing like toggle switches very retro and cool . This toggle switches add jazz to new IGNIS.

Exterior of this car also add to brighten up this cabin but the best part this is my IPad like touch screen which is control panels for all the infotainment system as well as the maps  even though we’ve seen it inside these Baleno and PS already it look best inside the sandy cabin of the newest English.

Overall in terms of storage spaces this is a good car to begin you also get a nice rubber which is well shaped and is enough in terms.


Comfort support for the lower back is excellent the cushioning for the other side is very good and you also get side bolstering away which means that if you push your actor corner see can hold you pretty well            so overall a very good kind terms of comfort practically.

If customer want to buy a New IGNIS for having long journey on back seats its a good option with headrest with perfect angle and cushioning seats.


Its comes with 2 engine option – 1.2 petrol & 1.3 DD is diesel.


₹4.63 – ₹7.84 Lakh (Ex-showroom price)

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