Diamond as an automobile paint featuring Rolls Royce Ghost.

Diamond as an automobile paint featuring Rolls Royce Ghost:-

From Gold to Diamond Rolls Royce adding the expensive paint in there paint list. The Diamond used to be from jewelry to tools now Automotive paint (Diamond as an automobile paint featuring Rolls Royce Ghost). The Rolls Royce company always ready to serve unique and better product to their customer’s and with the finest quality too. The Rolls Royce Paint job featuring 1,000 diamonds it’s called “Elegance.”

The Rolls Royce spent 2 months on testing the diamond paint job finishes can be seen how the diamond paint dazzling in the photos. The hard work paid off. This work is done for the customer on his custom demand to build the custom Rolls Ghost. This custom model includes hand-painted coach lines in red and black along the flanks and 21-inch wheels.

The color scheme is continued to match it with outer colour, Upfront everything is black and from leather seats to the carpet. The Black seats stitched with colour red. In the back, the seats are in lighter gray with same red stitching and piping.


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