Sixth Generation Volkswagen Polo Unveiled.

2017 Sixth Generation Volkswagen Polo :

As i earlier talked about safety measures of cars in my previous blog –  A Big question mark to the 70% Indians unaware of Safety. I talked about that the Indians are unaware of the safety of cars while buying them. So, I have listed up the most cherished and vindicated cars in India. The Volkswagen Polo was listed on top. with 4 stars.



So, Volkswagen has come up with the Sixth Gen POLO 2017. They said that sixth gen polo is to be larger bigger and with more boot space. With prominent changes to the contours, the car has grown with all new features and big size. The Volkswagen has translated the Sixth Gen Polo with a longer wheelbase and spacious cabin, with 4.053m (4053mm). This sixth generation Polo to be considered largest and lightweight Polo ever. If we talk about Polo front it seem slightly copied from Volkswagen Golf hatchback. The range-topping GTI variant gets larger wheels & tires with honeycomb grille patterns and red elements on the face.

INTERIOR: The interior is with new features add-on like high placed touchscreen, virtual cockpit digital instrument display from Audi TT, configurable contrast color strips and 13 different dashpad design. Something new in addition to autonomous emergency braking, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and a hot of the other smartphone apps.

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